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Did you buy, exchange, trade, or sell cryptocurrency this year?

Did you buy or sell an NFT this year?

If you answered yes, you have a taxable transaction. Don't sweat it. Let's talk!

Helping you plan your financial future through detailed tax planning, so you can keep as much of your crypto gains as possible. Don't overpay in taxes. Let's explore your options together.

Ask me how to write off your CPA fees as a tax deduction!


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  • John

    I came to Kate with a backlog of over 1,000 crypto and NFT transactions that I had never attempted to organize. Kate was able to sort through everything and complete all of my tax calculations. If there is a magic wand for crypto tax, Kate must have it in her back pocket. Cheers Kate!

  • Alex

    I’ve used Kate's services on multiple occasions. She has done a fantastic job (and I've changed my business structure and holdings multiple times)! Kate is well versed in tax for complex crypto transactions and her expertise has allowed me to focus solely on growing my business. I would recommend Kate highly to any business owner in this space!

  • Allie

    I'm a new NFT artist and Kate helped me sort through all of my financial reporting and taxes. It was such a relief! Kate is really passionate about the NFT community and even helped me find tax deductions for my business and plan for the future. Kate is incredibly kind and made this aspect of my business compeltely stress-free.